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Left thumbstick drift

Level 3

I purchased the Meta Quest 2 last June and I haven't been playing it much since summer started but I went to play today and noticed there is a drift in the left controller thumbstick.  I've tried changing the battery(suggestion I seen online) along with a few other things but nothing works and the drift is so bad I can't even navigate the menus let alone play a game.  Is there a way to get a replacement without paying over $100 for a new left thumbstick?


If they are in stock they are less than that from the Oculus store, although still a bit pricey. Support have been known to replace faulty controllers out of warranty on a goodwill basis too. Or, if you are even a little bit technically minded, the joystick module is available cheaply on Aliexpress and ebay and can be swapped fairly easily without soldering.

Well I'm canadian and the controllers are 109.99cdn but how do I contact then to see if they will do a goodwill replacement.  I go to contact us and I can't find even an email to contact them

You'd have to log a support ticket

Hey there! We hate to hear that you have controller thumbstick drift. We'd love to help


Could you please try these steps:

  • Clean the controllers with a microfiber cloth and an anti-bacterial wipes (use no liquids or abrasive cleaners)
  • Remove the batteries from the controller (leave them out for five minutes this will make them update the drivers for the controllers)
  • Place brand new batteries in the controller. Do the controllers light up?
  • Un-pair and re-pair your controllers

Can you please reach out to us at support HERE if the above steps haven't helped, and we can see what options are available for you.

I have tried all those steps as I believe I found them on the oculus site somewhere as for the support page every time I go on it and click the options till I get to the left thumbstick all it says is "replacement eligibility" and when I click on it it just tells me "there are no products eligible for replacement".

You are welcome to reach out to us HERE as see what options are available to you. We'd love to help you.

Pleasestop sending me to the support page.  I've already said that it only tells me the product is either out of warranty or not registered with this account and I know it's registered with this account.  I must say this is the most difficult time I've had trying to get ahold of any support from any of the things I have purchased.  I am not very happy with this experience.

@Axel_Cross Try this,

Go to SettingsController Settings > Joystick Deadzone and Range

Select the joystick which is having the issue

Follow on-screen instructions to recalibrate the joystick deadzones


Also when powering on your controllers, make sure the analog sticks aren't being held in any direction and are at rest in the neutral position. 


Let me know if that works please

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I have tried that but at your request I will try it again tomorrow when I'm home.