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Limited IPD Adjustment on Rift S

Level 4
In this interview with Nate Mitchell (Head of VR Product @ Oculus) he stated the digital IPD adjustment on the Rift S won't be able to accommodate users with narrow and wide IPD.  I'm at 58mm, does that mean this Rift S won't work for me?


Level 9
Doesn't answer your question, no one can at this point, but might help.

Level 4
Good news, looks like the Rift S is designed to include people with 58mm IPD, see this video, he shows the 58mm setting on the Rift S.  I wouldn't consider this confirmation but it gives me hope.

Level 11
Yeah and since it's software based. the ipd range might even get higher than 58-72.
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I have an IPD of 67mm and was not comfortable with the old DK2 and it's fixed IPD (~64 from memory). Always had one eye slightly blurry. That's because the sweet spot of then lenses was not that big. If they managed to have a bigger sweet spot  (and that's what it seems) I guess it will be OK with only the software setting for lot of people...

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Well my IPD is 67.5, however according to this article, the lens is fixed at an IPD of 63.5mm and is best suited for users with an IPD between 61.5mm - 65.5mm, which basically rules me out.

According to Oculus:
“It’s worth noting, of course, that perception and comfort will vary person to person and depend on anatomy, and some people may have a higher tolerance for the experience (for example, if they fall outside ‘best’ range, they could still use and enjoy the headset).”

But of course you won't know if it's OK for you until you buy it and try it, and in all honesty I don't really want to settle for a slightly sub par experience that's OK but not as good as it should be. I only hope that I can still get a replacement CV1 should my current one pack in at some point.

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58mm -72mm is what was shown at pax to people demoing the rift s as far as the software ipd adjustment goes

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Aidens12 said:

58mm -72mm is what was shown at pax to people demoing the rift s as far as the software ipd adjustment goes

It will adjust beyond that 61.5mm - 65.5mm range with the software, but it will be 'best' between that range according to Oculus. And as I've said, I don't really want to buy a product if I can't get the best experience from it.