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Link notification disconnecting

Level 2

Hi - I've been trying to link my Oculus Quest to my PC - all software is installed and I had it worked a few months before this however everytime I try link the headset to my PC now I get the notification saying it is connected and then the one on the Oculus screen to allow or deny, I press allow and then I can hear a noise when a USB is removed, despite nothing being removed. The Oculus link menu then doesn't open and I clicking on the Oculus link notification only brings me to an empty part of the settings menu. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We would love to assist you with your Oculus Link connectivity, so let's work together on this. 


  • When did you first notice this noise happening with the link cable? 
  • Also please make sure all the requirements are met for the Oculus Link to function.
  • Can you get back with us with the specs you are using to game with?


If the requirements are knowingly met, we first request that you uninstall and reinstall the Oculus Home application.