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List of issues with the Oculus Quest 2

Level 4

Hi to all,

Owner of an Oculus Quest 2 since several months, I encounter many issues since two months, mainly since the V28 firmware, which still occur with the V29 et V30 firmwares.

I will report them here and how I managed to deal with, I hope it will help.
Don't hesitate to share your own experience, your fixes or workarounds, we'll report them here too.


Lost tracking


Issue #1 : Lost tracking boot loop at the startup of the headset, keeping from reaching the home environment.


Solution : After several loops I reached the home environment, without tracking of the controlers. I had to restart several times the headset and do it again to retrieve tracking.

It still occurs but less often since several weeks, and the loops are shorter.


Issue #2 : Lost tracking during several seconds in a game session with the Oculus Link


Solution : No solution.




Issue #1  : Guardian lost when the headset is switched on or when waking up from sleep mode.

Sometimes it's an old guardian which is displayed instead of the last one.


Solution : No solution. Cleaning the guardian history or doing a factory reset doesn't help.


Issue #2 : Wrong floor level when creating a guardian.


Solution : Correct the floor level with controlers as usual.


Issue #3 : Floor level moving up with the controlers when moving them up.


Solution : Restart the headset and create a new guardian.

Issue #4 : When drawing a surface in roomscale mode, stuck in drawing mode as if the trigger button was pressed continuously


Solution : Switch to stationary mode, restart the headset and create a new guardian in roomscale mode.

Steam and Oculus Link


Issue #1 : Quit a game with the Oculus Link "Quit the app" on screen button slows down or hang the system.


Solution : If the game has a quit menu, use it. Else use the menu button of the left controler, chose Quit this game in the Steam panel. Once in the SteamVR environment, use the menu button again and chose Quit VR in the burger at the left down corner of the panel.


Oculus Link


Issue #1 : When launching a game through the Oculus Link it shuts down and back to the Oculus home environment.


Solution #1 : Be sure your graphic card drivers are up to date.


Solution #2 : Before lauching Oculus Link, perform an USB connection test with the Oculus software. If it fails, perform the test a second time.

I perform this test before any Oculus Link session.


Wrong date / time


Issue : The date / time is incorrect in the home environment of the headset.


Solution : Share an Internet connection from a smartphone with the Oculus app installed. Launch the headset, use the smartphone Wifi connection and pair it with the smartphone.

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Level 4

Lost tracking during games

I forgot to mention that sometimes I get the lost tracking issue during games, like the Steam version of Arizona Sunshine and Half-Life : Alyx.
During several seconds I'm not in the game anymore.

Level 2

The same thing happened to me when I try to draw a guardian and I still have no idea how to fix it 

Level 2

I've just recently started having Link stability issues as well. Many BSODs with EventViewer showing the error: "Session "ETW USB tracing" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000022", right before my PC crashes.

Hello, if the stucked trigger issue occurs, try to do as I do : switch to stationary mode, restart the headset and redraw a surface. For me it's the only workaround I found.

Does it occur with heavy games like Half-Life Alyx or even with lighter games, more ancient ?

Oculus games or other ones like Steam games ?

Level 4

I think I'll edit my first post to list all issues I encountered, issues a friend of mine encountered and I'll highlight the solutions I know or I tried, it will be more clear.