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Live viewers and comment BUG

Level 3

im writing this with really no hopes of someone having a fix for this but I’m gonna try anyway. I haven’t been able to see my viewers and comments while live streaming  on Facebook. It’s never worked for me. I’ve restarted my oculus and immediately live streamed... nothing. Un synced my fb account and logged back on... still nothing. Even did the dreaded reset to factory settings as a last resort and it still doesn’t work. (Shocking I know.) I know I’m not the only person having this issue, I just don’t understand why there hasn’t been a fix yet. 


Level 2

I was having this problem on my old headset, and had to send it back in and get a new one sent to me (for a different problem I was having) ... and the new headset STILL has this issue from the very start. I'm very upset with this, cause I would like to actually see what my viewers are saying so I can... you know... actually chat to them like I should be able to.