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I travel a lot and recently picked up an oculus 2 while in Switzerland. I installed it there and when I returned to the US wanted to play pokerstars VR.  That app doesn’t allow purchase from Switzerland, which I understand.  I am in the US however but for some reason it still think I am in Switzerland.  How do I change it to the US? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Anonymous, that isn't supposed to happen! We understand needing to complete your in app purchases without any hassle. The Oculus store changes based on which region you're in when connected to Wi-Fi. If it hasn't changed over when you came back to the US, it should be as simple as rebooting the headset. Alternatively, trying a different payment method is always an option as well. If you find your issue still unsolved, feel free to submit a support ticket with us here! We'll be happy to assist you and get you playing Pokerstars VR again. Cheers!