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Lone Echo Hologram Table Computer Crash

Level 2
I keep having to start the game over and over again. Its insanely frustrating and has already ruined my night. As the game itself seems amazing but I can't play it. I have already tried varying versions of changing the page pooling. That doesn't do anything. Nor has changing the graphics settings even to low. Nor do I have any issues in any other VR experience thus far. But the crash is the same exact thing every time: I go to the holographic table after the anomaly occurs. I press button one, button two, and button three (when the map zooms onto the station) and boom the screen goes black and my monitor shuts off saying it has no connection. The desktop appears to still be running but its non-functional until I do a full system restart. Its PISSING me off! And it is definitely game related. I don't have any other issues like it at all.

System Specs:

GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC @ 1450mhz
CPU: i7 8700k @ 4.8GHz
RAM: 16gb DDR4 @ 3000mhz

I peeked at the performance percentages before the crash. Nothing was being exceeded in any way. I am really frustrated with this un-optimized BS crash releases in modern games. Any help or solutions???