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[Low priority] Forum user-interface ... issues.

Level 3
There are some interesting ... issues ... with the web interface on these fora.  Obviously there are far more important things for the developers to be fixing, but here are some things I've encountered - hopefully if anyone else wants to report similar web UI issues they can add them on here so there's a single thread (and yes, if I could have found a similar existing thread then I'd just have posted there instead ...).

1. Posts which "Require approval".

For some reason (probably because I'm a relatively new user), my posts suddenly require approval - I get told that my post will become visible when approved.
That's fine, I suppose, but then the browser gets "stuck" in edit mode.  Whenever I re-visit that thread, I'm left with an edit box containing my post, awaiting approval.
So I can't add any other comment, and frequently my posts wind up duplicated (I browse away from the page and the "draft" post gets posted).
This is not helpful ...  It's actually extremely irritating ...  If the post requires approval, the posting mechanism should be the same, and the code running in the browser should continue as though the post had occurred normally.

2. Can't delete posts or comments.

When left (thanks to 1., usually ...) with an unwanted post, there is no way to delete it.
You can edit it, and delete all the text (except, for example, leaving a single blank line), but whatever you try it simply will not delete.
This is also annoying ...

3. Italics.

You can enter text in italics (E.g., by hitting <Ctrl>I, typing, hitting <Ctrl>I again).
That's fine.
Unfortunately, when rendered in the post, the italic text is not in italics, it's in normal text with an extra space before and after.
E.g., the word "not" in the previous sentence ...

4. Can't set a "normal" style.

Once the web UI has it in its' silly little electronic head that a line in a post is in a particular "style" (E.g., "Heading 1"), it's impossible to reset that back to anything resembling "normal".
Even deleting the text and re-typing it (there were some italics in this, and the preceding paragraph, BTW ...) doesn't convince the web UI that it's "normal" text.

5. What are you doing to mark marked text?!

Anything emphasised, E.g. in bold or italics (yes, that won't show as italic - see point 3 ...) somehow confuses the heck out of the browser (Google "Chrome", on "Windows 7 x64", in this case ...) so that anything in any way emphasised shows as a spelling error in the browser (underlined in squiggly red).

6. Notifications, updates, ...

Seriously, using these fora is like "The Windy City BBS" back in the '80s (yes, I know, that's probably going to make a few ... more "mature" ... readers snigger ...).
Honestly folks, take a giant leap into C21 ...
Create a thread (or comment on one) - where are the updates?  Where are the notifications?  Where is ... well, pretty much anything?!
Go and look at somewhere like for an example of how you should (whoops, italics ...) run something like this.
Honestly folks, these fora feel as though they were out-of-date when stone axes were the latest thing in super-weapons ...

Think that's about it ... for the moment ...

(Oh, for examples of all these gripes, go and look at the thread here: [and why can't I over-type that URL with a descriptive text?!] which demonstrates all these ...

Level 16
Thanks for the feedback.
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