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Major Freezing Error During Use

Level 2

Hi, I'm pretty new to Oculus Quest 2 (being that I just got it two days ago) and I'm having some trouble with it. I've looked just about everywhere to try and find a solution to no avail. Essentially, I've run into two major issues: the first is that when I am on the home menu, I'll move my head and the world around me will follow the tracking instead of the menu leaving a menu-sized hole to try and view the now static menu in the background. The second part is that I literally cannot play any content without the screen freezing entirely. The content continues to play according to the sound, but the display just gets stuck on one frame and won't refresh. I've already factory reset it and tried to put the tracking refresh rate on all three settings. I really don't know what's wrong at this point. 


Thanks for any advice.