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Minecraft 'Checking For Updates' Crash??

Level 2
Ive been trying to find a fix for this and cant seem to find an actual solution.

The Problem: Minecraft in VR Crashes on 'Checking for updates' while works still in regular 2d mode.

Things I've Tried;

Uninstalled both VR client & Microsoft Store Client
Moved both to different installation directories
Uninstalled programs that MAY have been causing conflicts i.e. FaceRig, OBS, Xsplit, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premier(I dont know if any of these will cause conflicts but i read that certain audio drivers installed in editors can cause this issue)
Made sure that windows update can update OTHER microsoft products under 'Advanced Update Settings'
Made sure that i wasnt in the Beta client of Minecraft

It used to work fine, i have no idea when it stopped working because normally i just use ViveCraft. But my wife wants to play with me on her xbox world so I'm trying to get it working again on my Oculus. I've looked and looked for the last 2 weeks to no avail to an actual solution to this problem. Does ANYONE have any ideas why this stopped working & how to fix it? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Level 2
i have the same problem!

Level 2
WOW SUCH GOOD SUPPORT ! STILL A HUGE ISSUE ! FIX THIS SHIT ! why would bedrock say vr compatible if it just crashes seriously 

Level 2
Same issue here. I'll try and see if I can get it working.

Level 2
Sheesh, I can't believe this has been going on since January. I haven't played this game in a while but it was working before.  Tried to play recently but it checks for updates and then crashes. I tried installing windows updates and I'm up to date but that didn't help. 

Level 2
Exactly the same here?

Level 2
Same issue here

Level 2
u guys are the most useful people on the planet

Level 2
Same problem. Helloooooo?

Level 2
same problem