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Mini Display Port Adapter

Level 3
My brother was using the Oculus Rift S on his laptop, he accidentally yanked on the tether and broke the mini display port adapter. We went through Oculus Support and got another adaptor. We tried it and it did not work on his laptop assuming the port was broken. Fast forward 2 months I just purchased the Alienware M15 and tried it on my laptop. It gives me the exact same issue. I go to device setup and plug in the usb and display port. It detects the display port for all of ten seconds. I've come to the conclusion the new adaptor is the issue. I created another ticket but does anyone know where I can just straight up buy new replacement adaptors. These parts shouldn't be impossible to find. I know that the Oculus Certified one is the only one that works. Also note the Oculus Rift S was working on my desktop so I have been using it.

Level 7
Make sure that your M15 is configured so that rift will be connected directly to the discrete graphics card.

Level 3
Yeah I made sure that I am directly connected. 

Level 2
How much time did it take to get the replacement adapter? I need one myself