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Mixed Reality Static Camera is always flipped 180 in unity

Level 4
Hello i have been trying to setup mixed reality and for some reason my camera is always flipped 180 degrees and i dont know why
I tried camera on top of LCD, in between sensors and it got the problem so i move the camera to face the LCD and Face the sensors. 
the distance between the sensors and the camera facing the sensor is about 2 meters but i also get the camera facing the other way.
I am working with 2 sensors, the instructions did not show any sample with 2 sensors but it also missing the statement that is not support it. 

I can modify the script to make it work in unity but it will fail for comercial games.9a7qdmh45cz0.png.
Yellow camera is the MixedReality camera and the Blue one is the OVR camera, its facing the wrong way.

Fun fact, if i reset the trackers on load and make the oculus face the WebCam it does the flipped as expected but it shows to low.

I got a little supicious about the OVRPlayer so i create a new scene with the OVRCamera only, set the option as before, flip the headset and got proper results the webcam does look in a proper spot but its upside donw:
I tried flipping the headset upside down but that didnt work 😞

Any tips are welcome.

Level 7

I was playing around with mixed reality over a year ago, was not aware oculus could do it now. Takes a long time to do, might have continued with it but you really need a dedicated green room for it which I don't have. I am not sure what you are doing but good luck.

Level 4
Very nice, so far my setup seemed to ok the camera looks to  be position in the same place as real world but 180 my main question if its support it with 2 sensors which there no mention at all. I manage some workarounds and there are ways to do it without the greenscreen, sample( but this was done before the calibration tool and the calibration was manual. i want to include the calibration tool to get the proper camera position.

Oculus Staff
Most of my testing was with 2 sensors. It works fine. 3 sensors is just recommended because it can be very hard to move a camera around in a 2 sensor setup without getting it either out of the volume, or occluded by the player. But technically it works just fine.

I haven't seen the camera flip issue. Did everything look correct when you ran the camera calibration tool? Does the issue occur in the demo scene?

Level 4
Yes, on the calibration tool i am never able to see the controller because the camera is looking the other side.
i am working with static camera and 2 controllers also my camera only accepts 1080p no other resolution so the calibration tool is very slow. the upside down problem fixed on its own. but the 180 flip still there. I was thinking to run another calibration with the headset flipped 180 to see if that makes any difference.

Level 4
After a few home updates I notice the camera calibration tool was updated so i wanted to give it another try.
The tool seemed faster than before but the problem persisted, i still get the 180 camera flip every time.
So i decided this time to play with the slide bars to alter the XYZ Roll,pitch n yaw.
After some testing i manage to place the controllers close enough but as the tool sliders have a very limited rage I couldn't rotate them to make them fit 100% perfect so i leave them flipped 180 and I move the camera to the back so instead of pointing right in front of me i place i make point to my back. And use the calibration tool slider to make look good , Pretty much 100% manual calibration :dizzy:

anywise that has been the only way to even get it to work but still not even close to perfect

and again any tips or recomendations are welcome 🙂 i have alot of stuff to share with MR but i need it to get it working 1st.

Level 2
I'm having the same issue trying to calibrate a Kinect V2 and this is the only post I have seen that has the same issue, did anyone come across a solution for this? 
Kinect V2 as a Static Mixed Reality camera points upside down and backwards from the actual camera output, effectively filming out the back of the camera. 

Level 4
nobody get back to me, I think they dont want us to use kinect also the resolution is quite high it only works as 1080p but i think it would allow very nice MR expiriences i have a lot to put on that field but i need kinect to work, maybe with a VR object but i dont have extra controllers.

Level 2
Been a while but I'm gonna give this a bump.

Trying to get MRC working with my Quest and a Kinect v2 and came across the listed issues; image flipped upside down, etc.  I went through calibration I couldn't figure out why for the life of me I wasn't getting a controller overlay at all.  After reading posts in this thread - on a whim - I recalibrated and held my controller *behind* the camera and the overlay appeared on screen, upside down.  

It seems all the axes are flipped using Kinect.  Calibration tool still doesn't seem to like OBS Camera and gives me the "vid pid" error. if I try to select it.

Anyone out there figure out how to incorporate Kinect v2 into their Mixed Reality Capture?

Level 2

I'm working on this now in 2021. Anyone solve it? I'll let you know if I figure it out. Mine looks flipped left to right and front to back so possibly a rotation about Y (about "up" in Unity). Also, the MRC app does seem aligned (visualizes controllers aligned correctly with the actual controllers) but SuperHot has the flipping issue. Still trying to get any of the other MRC supporting apps to detect the headset.