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Mixed Reality Static Camera is always flipped 180 in unity

Level 4
Hello i have been trying to setup mixed reality and for some reason my camera is always flipped 180 degrees and i dont know why
I tried camera on top of LCD, in between sensors and it got the problem so i move the camera to face the LCD and Face the sensors. 
the distance between the sensors and the camera facing the sensor is about 2 meters but i also get the camera facing the other way.
I am working with 2 sensors, the instructions did not show any sample with 2 sensors but it also missing the statement that is not support it. 

I can modify the script to make it work in unity but it will fail for comercial games.9a7qdmh45cz0.png.
Yellow camera is the MixedReality camera and the Blue one is the OVR camera, its facing the wrong way.

Fun fact, if i reset the trackers on load and make the oculus face the WebCam it does the flipped as expected but it shows to low.

I got a little supicious about the OVRPlayer so i create a new scene with the OVRCamera only, set the option as before, flip the headset and got proper results the webcam does look in a proper spot but its upside donw:
I tried flipping the headset upside down but that didnt work 😞

Any tips are welcome.

Level 2

I have been struggling to get my quest to face the right direction cause I have to face the camera in order to see what's happening and every time I turn towards my green screen then I see the back...if that makes sense...and i try to recenter my quest but it doesn't work