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Mounted sensors, My position is bugged every time I open VR.

Level 2
So I have my sensors mounted opposite each other on the wall, facing downwards at me. Every single time I open oculus I have to reset tracking, as it just completely bugs out, sometimes im in the wall, sometimes the floor, sometimes the menu, and can jump between my actual position, and where it seems to think I am. (controllers are fine with tracking) its my actual view/position. But even resetting the tracking once doesn't always work, most of the time I have to reset it 3/4 times. Once it actually works, its fine, no tracking issues whatsoever. (and yes, I have tried the quick reset view button)

But having to reset my tracking every time I fancy a quick go on VR is really annoying, nevermind having to reset it like 3 times before it decides its going to work. Any suggestions? Would a third sensor fix this issue?