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Much worse image quality via Link Cable after Quest2 update

Level 2

I was a happy Quest 2 user and then I decided to update system on Oculus Quest 2 to the latest version. Now, when I connect to PC via Link Cable it's a disaster:
- the Rift menu does not appear automatically, I have to manually switch it in quick options in the quest menu

- frequent error messages: Request failed: Minified exception occurred; use the non-minified dev environment for the full error message and additional helpful warnings.

- and what's the worst, the image quality is terrible, The screen has some kind of noise, like gaming on cloud with crappy internet
I'm running Win11 and nvidia card. Before update everything was perfect.
Any ideas how to fix it, go back to previous version?


Man, I'm having the same thing happening to me! I really wanna play Subnotica in VR.

Oculus Support i am also experiencing this issue... error message  - Minified Exception Occurred - seems i can still play game via air link - Half Life ALYX, i am running Windows 10, i9 with NVIDIA RTX.. would be good to get help here...

Level 3

I have the same problem!!! On v41 and v42

Level 3

Do you use original link cable? I have idea that they are blocking non original cable?

This needs to be fixed asap

I'm using Air Link... i do have the Oculus 5.0m cable, i will see if it makes a difference...

Mine main problem is this one- only via cable connection, Air link is fine.

The screen has some kind of noise, like gaming on cloud with crappy internet

Level 3

For me is seems is working in Debug tool setup Encode Bitrate from 0 to 200/300 not sure what is difference.