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My Oculus Rift S, wont turn on.. [FIXED]

Level 2
So basically, I got a Rift 3 days ago and had loved it until last night it started having problems.. the first one was that my controllers weren't tracking but I fixed that by taking the batteries out and putting them back in but the main one was this three dots blackscreen bug.. I could hear audio from the home and Discord call but I couldn't see anything. Today after trying every method, except the 2nd one, I tried it.
I did this;

"Unplug your Rift S headset and plug it in again. To do this:
Carefully remove the facial interface from your headset. This will allow you to access the cable.
Unplug the cable from the headset.
Wait five seconds.
Insert the cable back into your headset.
Insert the facial interface back into your headset."

After I did that my Oculus Rift S refuses to connect.. any soloution?

Level 2
How did you fixed it?