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My Quest 2 suddenly died?

Level 2

Last night my Quest 2 screen suddenly bugged while i was playing, it showed just a static greyscale screen like old TVs when they didnt had signal and a loud white noise, after some 10 seconds the headset turned off and dont turn on since. the led indicator isnt turning on even if i try to charge the batery(was 80% when this happened) the orange led dont light up. i never droped or bumpped my headset.
Things i already tried but failed: hold power button for 1 min, factory reset, force shutdown by holding the power button for more than 10 sec then turn on.


Community Manager
Community Manager

This is definitely something we want to work with you on. We want you to be able to play awesome games and will do everything in our power to get you back into VR! Please submit a ticket with our support team here: