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My Quest 2 wont load anything. Stuck on a Grey screen.

Level 3

Ok so here's the deal.


Yesterday I was playing beatsaber, but I felt exhaused so I left to do something else. This seems to be where the issues begin. I think i may have forgot to turn it of and when I came back 2 hours later I realized I had done so... So I started up my quest ready for some more beatsaber..... Well that didn't happen... The quest opened with the Oculus logo like usual... Then it all turned grey. The Guardian boundaries were there but nothing else. The oculus would show me the outside world if I went past them. But nothing loaded. I tried going to another room, restart, power off then power on, charging the headset overnight and hard reseting it from the boot menu by holding the volume button and power button. No luck. Finally after looking through around 5 articles I decided to get some help here. I just want to get back to gaming and the flipping Oculus won't let me.

All help is appreciated. I hope you have a good day.


Level 2

Heyo, I'm having a very similar issue with my quest and I'm trying to narrow down the cause, did you happen to sideload anything onto your quest? 

Level 2

Bro I bought my oculus quest 2 yesterday and I only see the logo and then a grey screen 

No. I haven't done that.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @Fastnivek & @Rockalter31 & @Artistap, please open a support ticket with us here and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!