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My Rift S just keeps showing up with three white dots.

Level 2
Sometimes it randomly fixes but in those occasions the controllers don't work..
Please can someone respond since it doesn't say anythings unplugged + my system specs are above needed for Oculus Rift S, I've had it for 4 days now and it started 2 days ago.. Worst thing is, I had to wait an entire year from when I was going to get it for it to go back in stock so I'm pretty sad and my parents are saying if it's gonna do this and not work even doing every problem solution that the website gives I'm gonna have to send it back and save up another half a year for something better, which I really don't want to do.. Seeming Oculus Rift S is the one I find the most comfortable and fun to play in..

Level 4
check your bios version, update if needed.
check your chipset drivers, update if needed.
if those fail you can try resetting windows!