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My oculous quest 2 wont connect to the internet

Level 2

So it says it is connected but no like connected no internet it just says connected but when I try to search on store or chat with friends it won’t work and it says I have no games but I have many games


Level 3

Which region you are ? I have the same ( Central Europe ) and is not the first time 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @aidenvaines, not all games are Cross-Buy, depending on what the developer decides you may need to purchase the games for the PC as well. If the game is available for Cross-Buy it will be listed as "free" on the PC side when you look up the game up in the store. You can see a list of Cross-Buy games here.


Note: You also need to be logged into the same Oculus account on your PC as the Quest 2.

what cross buy has to do with no access to the internet. do you really read what people write

Level 3

did you managed to solve it?