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My oculus is updated but wont load profiles, Games , Ect.

Level 2

I turned my oculus on chose my profile only to have it say "Unable to load profile" So I checked the Software Update and it was "" This is absolutely bullsh*t. I have tried for hours to get this to work I started at 11 am. It's currently 4 am . I'm sick and tired of trying and I've heard a factory reset makes it worse than It is.  @OculusSupport  Help me . This isn't helping because I have things planned on Vr games you Have made my experience Horrible because of this. AND MY WI-FI DOESNT WORK!! It's fine on every other device but the oculus.  Come on and give me help and if I don't get help There will be further issues. Fix this, people have went through this Just f*cking fix it please.


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you haven't already, please try logging in and out of your mobile companion app then restart your headset. This acts as a resyncing of information. See if this helps! Also please report a bug so we can keep track of all the goings on with the update now that it has rolled out. 

Level 3

I am having the same issue on multiple headsets. Wifi is not connecting, I can't connect to wifi via the app. I have logged out of the app and headset, and restarted headset multiple times. The dat on my headset is listing 2037 currently. 

There is a thread titled ‘not loading’ if you find it, it has all the information about this issue right now.