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My oculus quest 2 suddenly stop working

Level 2

It was around two weeks ago or three I picked it up and tried to power it on but it wouldn’t power on so I charged it overnight and in the morning it won’t power on again it would be helpful if you would help me with this problem


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there WolfGaming_YT, thanks for reaching out. We see you are having issues with your Quest 2 not powering on. Having a device that can't even be played must be frustrating so I will do my best to help find a viable solution.


First, check your Oculus App companion on your phone to see if the device is actually charged. If the device isn't showing as charged, the issue may be your Quest 2 charging cable.


Please check the cable ends for pin damage or wire damage (any abnormal kinks, twists in the cable). Then try using a different cable at a different wall power bank to see if your device will charge.


If this does not help, please send us a picture of the charging port as well as the cable you're using to charge the device.


We await your response so we can begin attempts to troubleshoot your device.