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My oculus quest controllers lag...

Level 2

Since a few weeks, and sometimes, not always, one or the other of my controllers will lag (either be in the wrong place or freeze for a few seconds) . I play mostly beatsaber at the moment and it's really annoying as I miss the box all the time it does it! (I promise I'm not looking for excuses! ??) 

Of course my controllers and my oculus quest have full battery and I'm up to date updates wise. 

Does anyone has the same problem? And did you find a solution?

Thanks and I wish everyone a good day! 


Level 2
I've got the same Problem. I am using a quest 2 with v23. I've got the tracking issue since the update to v23. The bug occurs mostly when one of my controllers is out of sight then it kind of disappears for a second. 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
@Jahada - Hi, try removing the batteries from both controllers for one full minute before reinserting new or known good ones, as well as unpairing and re-pairing the controllers. If you continue to have issues, reach out here. - Clint