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NO HDMI connection on Oculus rift

Level 2
I'm trying to fix this annoying issue but without any result.

27.02.2020 it's working fine
28.02.2020 i retrieve the mentioned hdmi error

This is my current status:
  • All USB 3.0 works fine on my PC and read my oculus rift
  • All hdmi/DP works fine on my PC, but don't read my oculus rift
  • Oculus Rift audio works !!!
What i did:
  • Re-installed oculus and steam vr software
  • Rebooted systems a lot of times
  • Tryied to plug/unplug the hdmi to Ouclus Rift a lot of times
  • Checked for W10,Rift,GPU drivers, all are well updated
Please help !