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Need help

Level 2

i got oculus quest 2 this morning, and I was trying to connect it with my laptop.

but it stucks at the page said " continue in your browser"微信截图_20211019163420.png


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey ell_w00d! We want to help get your Quest 2 up and running so you can enjoy the great experiences it has to offer. Visit Oculus Support HERE and send us a ticket with more info about what laptop you're trying to connect to and what other troubleshooting steps you've taken. Thanks!

Level 4

I had a similar issue when re-installing Oculus app on a new pc recently. It literally got stuck as in, explorer got stuck, couldn't go into task manager, it seemed like windows froze completely. After re-installs/repairs etc, same behavior, eventually I just let it do its thing and minutes later it continued as it was supposed to, after that the issue went away. Hopefully it will for you as well.


Level 4

What its supposed to do is open your default web browser, so you can login to your face book account.