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New Headset Not Working

Level 2

Hi, my headset developed a fault and was under warranty and so was replaced. The replacement does not connect to either the controller's or the app. I have tried everything the support team suggest but no change. Now, weeks later I am sitting on a useless machine and all the support say is that they are working on it. This is not good enough. They have even told me that it is not just refurbished headsets but all new headsets now don't work. I find this unbelievable. If true, why are they still selling them. Please help.


Level 2

Facing the exact same issue. Got a replacement headset, obviously controllers don't connect without the app but when trying to pair the headset, it gives an error. Messaged support and basically got "yeah lol we know it's not working bye". 

Absolutely unbelievable that the headset is basically a brick now.

Level 4

waiting a week now, after trying so many different phones and app just says

looking for headset


the last DM from support says they want to give me $50 credit for my troubles

how is that going to help register pair my new and unusable headset


i dont understand how they cannot help you get it activated and working

obviously their support, what ever country they are in, has no training or advanced support team


the return rate of these quest 2 units must be massive

refurbished will flood the market


Level 2

I just fixed it by manually sideloading the newest update on the quest. If you have the technical know-how you can try it described on this blog:

read it

ok i will give it a go this weekend

off to work now


They can’t help because the headset needs an update. And they cant force an update to a remote device.


due to the ineptness of the meta chimps in their “engineering department” none of the refurbished units get updated with the blue logo. This is why there is a problem and why they can’t solve the issues after the devices are with the consumers.


perform the steps in the links provided earlier and you’re deemed more qualified at fixing an Oculus Quest 2 than the meta employees.

Someone posted a link to a step by step guide of fixing your headset. You need to be a little bit computer savvy but if you can work an oculus you can follow the steps.

Level 2

I am now thanking the fact I bought it from John Lewis. I quoted the consumer rights 2015 and they are sending me a new one. U will keep observing what the tech support do as they have assured me they will sort it out and contact me. We should start a lottery on how long it takes for them to contact me. Let's hope the new one works. Thanks for all the comments.