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New Oculus Decmber 2020, used 3 weeks stopped working, rma it bak, no controllers sent bak 2 me

Bought new Oculus Rift S in Decmber 2020, used 3 weeks before it stopped working. it took another week or two for them to make me go through unplugging and re-installing on two computer. Headset blacked out. no life. It worked fine for 3 weeks. computer has good power and parts. (February 2021) RMA said send in all in orignal packaging. I sent it in, in their deadline. They only sent me back areplacement headset, no controllers. Been begging them every since for touch controllers to repalce the ones I sent back in the rma. )their e-mail bot is a sick joke. Now it is April 2021, and only the same excuse they are investigationg, and will send me both left and right Oculus Rift S Controllers. The months tick by.


I am sick 100% disabled veteran housebound, I am 65 years old. I finally could no longer take non-sense and abuse for support for this, and wrote the Oregon Attorney General. This is insane a multi-billion dollar company treats people and customers so very bad. I asked the AG they either replace the missing ocntrollers or refund me. No real answer, I am not even sure a real person wrties me back, could be more bots.