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New Oculus software (V26) causes issues with MSFS

Level 4

The new version (26) of the oculus software causes regular 'flashes' in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This seems to be an issue with the oculus software, since in the previous version (V25) this issue was hardly there.


Today the new version of the Oculus software was released, and so I was prompted to update to the latest version. There doesn't seem to be a way to revert back to 25 again, nor is there a beta version which solved the problem. Since I mainely use my Rift S for MSFS, my VR experience is pretty much ruined.


Here's a video somebody made who has the same issue:


There is also a thread on the MSFS forum which discusses this matter. It seems to be affecting all people who run the Oculus software in combinaton with MSFS:


And there is a thread about it on the Oculsu forum as well:


I hope somebody is going to look into this. Thanks in advance!




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Exactly the same here. Surely the point of a Beta is to see if there's a problem before rolling it out as a finished version. Everybody using MSFS got out of Beta because of this mess and Oculus still put it out!!

I think they have a communication problem. Please fix soon.

Level 2

Same here and my new rig runs MSFS flawlessly on the monitor but these white flashes make it unplayable using my Rift S. No problems with games like like Aircar thank goodness.

Tried many suggestions and wasted a huge amount of time having just set up the new rig. 

Huge disappointment.

Level 2

Is not only MSFS. As soon as I enable Oculus link goes haywire since latest update. Also can't use SteamVR on any other desktop game.

Level 3

With Oculus v27 open beta all the flickering Is gone, Just tested now. Great work Oculus! MSFS with Rift s.

Level 2

V.27 update just now appears to have fixed the video glitches in MSFS.

Selected the Beta option and the resulting update appears to have resolved the problem

Completed a test flight just now with not a single video glitch.

Level 2

Came here to report the same thing.

Level 4

same with QUEST2 et MSFS2020 updated

Level 3

I had Tacking issues with v25 and updating to v26 didn’t help! Please help me. Tracking was working like a charm on v23