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New Rift, fixed orange led and black screen

Level 2

I've received my rift about 3 days ago, and struggling with it since then.

The led has never changed from being orange.

From the Oculus software, everything seems to be ok, like there's no problem at all: connected for every voice.

But in reality, apart from the sound of the (supposed) menu when you put on the headset, nothing is working.

The Rift is plugged directly in the HDMI of my vga, a GTX 1060.
The HDMI is working like a charm, i've used it as output for my monitor.

Dunno what to do, the support, after some random sh*ts (like, is CCleaner fault) took the logs and then disapperead. Almost 2 days now.

I've read a lot of thread about this issue, but it seems there's a true cause and thus, a true solution.

Help please!

Level 3
Welcome to the club. 

Level 3
Seems we are many of us. Stopped working since the core update.

Level 4
Sort it out Oculus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reinstalled my graphics cars as recommended and it still won't power on. I am very disappointed.

Level 9
Hey guys,
Have you checked the Nvidia Control Panel? There may be a clue there. If the Oculus software shows that everything is plugged-in correctly, my best guess is the issue comes from the software side, so... check the Control Panel and see if you can find any setting that helps (like, any "high-performance mode" or something related to the Rift).
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Level 2
Im having the same issue too 😞 

Anyone have any luck? 

Level 4
Same here on CV1.  I think it's shoddy wiring on the cable that connects into the headset.  About an hour after I started using it it went bad.  I pushed lightly on the cable where it goes into the top of the headset and it started working again.  It was fine for a long time after that (several months).  Just now, however, I pulled on it *very* lightly by accident and it shut off mid game.  Wiggling the cable and pushing it in gently is not fixing it this time.   Orange light.  With my set, if you so much as breathe on the cable it loses connection. 

They shouldn't be hassling folks about reinstalling software and all this nonsense.  I'd bet anything it's just some shoddy soldering or something along those lines at this one point on the headset.  They need to solder it, weld it, then bolt it.  That connector needs to be seriously strong.

I had a DK2 for a long time and that thing was solid.  If anyone from Oculus is reading, do whatever you did for the connector there.  That thing could take abuse.

Level 2
Im having the same issue. Worked fine for months, suddenly orange light, audio, no video and Oculus app says everything is ok. Its a real shame, VR is an emerging tech already, is having a hard time catching on, and Oculus support goes out of their way to make it even more difficult and frustrating for early adopters with their lack of helpfulness and long wait times for assistance.

Level 15
Feel free to contact us if you need any help. Thanks.
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Level 2
My problem was a driver update, I have a AMD Radeon RX 580 and a automatic drive update caused the issue.