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New here....I am looking to buy and use a oculus

Level 2

Do I just need a smartphone,that can go online,to use the full affect of the oculus,or do I need to use a Gamer computer? I Keep getting different answers..PLEASE give me the FULL 411!


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A smart phone or tablet (recent-ish android or ios) is required to do the initial set up the Quest 2. (The Quest 2 can't be used until that step is done)

After that, the phone/tablet isn't needed for 99% of use. The Quest can run on its own from then on. There's a few functions only in the phone app like turning developer mode on and off, but generally it's fine to not have the phone around.


For the gamer PC bit...

The Quest 2 has two modes: stand alone and link.

In stand alone mode, the Quest has its own CPU and GPU, it can run on its own. You can take the Quest out into a park and play Beat Saber (be VERY careful of sunlight though, the lenses work like magnifying glasses, even a second of direct sunlight can melt a hole in the screen). All you need is the phone for setup then the Quest 2 itself.

In Link mode, you connect the Quest 2 to a PC using either a usb cable (Link) or wifi (AirLink).  You need a good VR capable PC with a Nvidia or AMD graphics card. (Weak PCs with only Intel graphics won't work at all)

In this case the Quest isn't actually running the games anymore, the PC plays the game and streams it to the headset.


Stand alone mode lets you play anywhere and don't need extra hardware. But the game library is smaller (you need Quest specific games, you can't buy them from Steam)

Link mode means you have to be close to a PC the whole time (cable or wifi range), but you have a MUCH bigger range of games (from Steam, Epic, etc). If a game has both stand alone and PC versions, the PC version (using Link) may have better graphics since the hardware is better.


Luckily you can swap between stand alone and Link at any time, so it's the best of both worlds.


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Ok. One,which one is better..Using the Smart Phone that can go online,and get the games,or gaming PC.....I`ll be getting an An HP AIO,one of the newest ones....that can go online,and most likely will get the oculus games,to transfer to the oculus.... What do you believe I should use?


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You need a smart phone either way. The Quest can't connect to a PC (or do anything at all) unless you've done the smart phone setup first, it's compulsory.


Getting games actually doesn't use the phone. The Quest itself goes online using wifi to get stand alone games. The phone is used to set up your account on the headset.


(Well, you can buy games on the phone, but that just tells the quest to install them, you can do the same on the quest itself using the built in vr store)


For the HP AIO, most of them on the current HP page won't work for VR. If they only list graphics as "Intel UHD" or "Intel Iris" then they can't work. The CPUs look pretty low spec as well. Maybe the AIO dp0170z might work, it's graphics are listed as AMD Radeon Vega 8, but it's CPU is slower than the Oculus minimum requirement. The AIOs aren't intended for intense games, and VR is even more intense than normal intense games.


The requirements for connecting a Quest to a PC:


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Hardware: Threadripper 1950x, MSI Gaming Trio 2080TI, Asrock X399 Taich
Headsets: Wrap 1200VR, DK1, DK2, CV1, Rift-S, GearVR, Go, Quest, Quest 2, Reverb G2

Does the link go to the specific computer(s) I need to go get? Does it show which specific Computer I need?

Level 5

I wouldn’t but the quest2. Like my self and many others it will not let you add a payment method so unless you like to only play free games or demos I would honestly save your money. Really sad to say because I really do love the quest but this problem is still very persistent and it seem like there is no fix or support in getting this corrected. Just save your money or buy a different VR headset. 

Ok,but does anyone ELSE know what computer to buy,when it comes to the power give the best stream,and best quality playtime,when it comes to PCS? I Mean,by name,which is top 3?

Kojak,does the link say the specific computer/laptop to buy? I mean,could you let know a top 3 best computer to use,to get the best play?

Hey there Wayne!


We are very happy to learn you are interested in purchasing a Quest 2. What's great about is that you do not need a PC to use it! You only need good Wi-Fi and you are set! Not only can you use it without a PC, but you can also cast onto your TV so everyone can take a look at what you are looking.


If you are thinking of purchasing a PC, here's a link that will show every single one that can work amazing with your Quest 2 and our AirLink Please let us know if you have any more questions!


Thank you!

The earlier link doesn't tell you which computer to buy. There are far too many to rank individually and many people build their own from components. If Oculus was to rank particular models they'd have to test them all, keep the list updated and would be effectively providing an endorsement.


The important aspects of the computer are its CPU, graphics card (GPU) and amount of memory so you'll have to do your own research based on the specs in the linked page. You'll want as much memory as possible (although going above 16GB probably isn't essential) and unless you need to carry it around a lot, get a desktop rather than a laptop. Laptop GPUs with similar titles to desktop equivalents tend to be quite a bit less powerful. If the GPU and/or CPU doesn't appear on the compatibility list, walk away. Larger numbers tend to be more capable than smaller ones too.


The Oculus link in the post above does link to recommended PCs but they are recommendations for the Rift S so may not still be on the market. You may get an idea of the sorts of specs and prices you are looking at though.