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No Customer Service (again)

Level 2

Another example of lack of customer service. Bought a replacement left hand controller for Oculus Quest direct form the Oculus store, and within 3 uses the roll tracking broke, probably a sensor. I contacted customer service, and they replied within a day or two asking me to try a couple things, and when those didn't work, they said they'd continue "investigating." I replied that I just wanted a replacement or refund since it was still within 30 days. Silence. They stopped replying to me, and I made another ticket citing the first. Silence. coming up on 2 weeks with no progress. The link on the order shipping info to return the product says I don't have permission to see the webpage. There's no phone number to just call someone. I've got this expensive system that is unusable. I had been loving Oculus up to this point. This lack of Customer Support will be the reason I probably will not get new Oculus systems in the future.