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No Display following Air Link re-connection?

Level 2



I am looking for a solution to or explanation why the headset will not display my game when I re-connect Air Link, even though headtracking and the monitor work just fine.


I have been experiencing issues re-connecting Air Link properly after wifi interruptions. I use the Quest 2 almost exclusively for playing Elite: Dangerous.


When my wifi signal is interrupted, the following occurs:


-- Game continues normally

-- Headset display stutters, then freezes in place with black "void" surrounding the image presented at time of disconnect

-- Audio stops

-- Monitor display switches from mirroring the headset display to displaying 2D game graphics at the exact orientation as when disconnected

-- All game controller inputs are ignored

-- Headset shows an error message saying the connection was lost after approximately 3-5 seconds

-- Headset may or may need to be re-connected to wifi through the universal menu

-- Air Link option will show no connections available for several seconds, but connect normally when the computer is recognized


Upon reconnection, the following occurs:


-- Headset displays three-dot loading graphic for approximately two seconds, then displays an empty black void

-- Audio connects properly

-- Monitor shows moving mirror image appropriate for the headset's orientation, i.e. works properly, and perspective changes match active movement of headset

-- Game controller input works properly

-- Game will not respond to keystrokes or mouse clicks, but will respond to cursor movement based on the laptop's touchpad and headset tracking both.


For those not familiar with Elite: Dangerous on PC, I am playing with a Steam-linked account. Upon each startup, Steam will run in the background to verify the game key. If my Air Link is already set up, Elite will automatically start the most recent version of the game (Odyssey expansion) in VR mode. The game will not take me to the Steam VR room in-headset, nor will it open a dedicated Steam VR window on the desktop. There is no direct user interaction with Steam at any point in the process, but it does have processes running.


Whether in VR or not, Elite will open the app under "Elite Dangerous CLIENT" as the primary display window, accessible on the taskbar and in the Task Manager. In fact, as the game will not respond to mouse clicks following Air Link restart, I am forced each time to close the client through the "End Task" function rather than using the in-game menu.


The problems I have described, except the note regarding wifi (in italics above), always occur in the order described, exactly as described, with no variation. 


Furthermore, following Air Link reconnection:


-- The Rift menu stutters (single digit FPS) and lags to the point of being nearly unusable

-- Accessing the Rift menu and minimizing/maximizing the Elite Dangerous CLIENT app does not fix the display issue or result in any change

-- Accessing the Rift menu and closing the Elite: Dangerous CLIENT app is irreversible and I cannot re-open it

-- If I close the Elite: Dangerous CLIENT app from the Rift menu, it will not close on the desktop

-- Minimizing/maximizing Elite: Dangerous CLIENT from the desktop has no effect whether or not it is open in the Rift menu 


Restarting the game in its entirety has been the only way to get my Quest 2 to run the graphics correctly. Since the game continues to work as it should after I reconnect Air Link, I have concluded that the problem lies within the Quest 2 recognizing Elite: Dangerous CLIENT's graphics output.


I am using the Quest 2, v29, paired to a RoG Zephyrus G14 laptop over Air Link. Note the following:


-- Link cable no longer works, even though I have replaced it with a second brand new, Oculus-branded cable; the Link cable stopped working following the v29 update, in spite of several steps I've taken, including disabling the unsupported AMD virtual GPU integrated on my laptop

-- Oculus desktop app and the Quest 2 headset are both running the most recent versions

-- Dedicated GPU is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060

-- Air Link connection is sustained by a wifi-to-wifi connection, 5ghz band, with no ethernet cable (cell phone mobile hotspot); cell phone is kept within two feet of either device at any given time

-- I typically play Elite: Dangerous on pre-set graphics according to GeForce Experience optimized settings


I experience these wifi interruptions at irregular frequencies while playing; I don't have the resources or ports to run ethernet to a router properly. There is not an ethernet port on my laptop, and I do not trust that a USB-C to ethernet adapter will work properly. I will not pursue a proper router setup until I get a different computer. I expect the wifi interruptions to occur and am not looking for advice on how to prevent these.


With all that said, I simply want to find a fix that will take these disconnections down from a 5-minute game restarting interruption to a 30-second connection interruption -- or at least raise the issue for a future patch.



Level 6

Hey There, 

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the game.
Please head to and submit a ticket so our team can investigate.