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No store accessible

Level 2


This issue appeared to start AFTER my daughter tried to link the oculus to her laptop in order to play minecraft or roblox on the oculus


The oculus turns on and off fine, says its connected to wifi but when you go to applications (games) or the store it says "nothing to see here"


When you go to the storage it shows that we have some space taken up with games but we cannot see the games or access them. 


I have reached out to oculus support and have completed the Route This app  It shows the download speed of 209.9? Not sure what that means. 


Our wifi signal is excellent. We have completed all updates. I am not very technical and I am not sure why we need to send the key # to oculus - we've been unable to use this thing for months. Very frustrating 


Level 2

We are having the same issues. I had to go on occulus via laptop to reset pin etc and since I've logged in via laptop it now shows numerous errors. Says no Internet on one screen, trouble connected but then connected on another. We can't see any apps or purchase the new game we wanted.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for bringing this to the community. We understand the frustration of not being able to use your device for months. We can definitely provide you some assistance to get this resolved so that you can get back into gaming. 


Sometimes this happens if you've changed your account password. Log out and back in on the phone app. 


If that doesn't work please submit a support ticket here and we can look into this further for you.