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No option to "Reset Sensor Tracking", option appears and disappears seemingly at random.

Level 2
I'm beginning to think I'm going crazy. I'm using an Oculus Rift CV1. I have two sensors on my desk in front of me. Every now and then, one of them gets bumped so I have to reset their position.

The problem is, the option specifically made to "Reset Sensor Tracking" just isn't available for me 90% of the time. When I say not available, I mean that as in the option is nowhere to be found anywhere in the Oculus software. My options when clicking on my headset (in 'Devices') are as follows;

-Device Setup
-Set floor position
-Reset default view in VR
-Rift Support

Clicking on my sensors just shows their serial number and a support link.

As far as I can remember, not even 3 days ago I had the same issue, and right between "Device setup" and "Guardian" was an option called "Reset Sensor Tracking". Clicking it literally just lets you reset your sensors and make a new guardian in a single step. Seemingly the next time I booted up, the option was just gone as if it were never a part of the software to begin with.

This has been a constant issue since I got the system last year. Every now and then the option is back and works as if it was never gone, but of course I'm making this post so the issue still remains. As of now, my only way to reset my sensors is to go through the device setup again. This includes pairing my controllers which are already paired and working fine (sounds minor but it gets irritating when they have to be done one at a time, and skipping this step skips the entire device setup, getting me nowhere), as well as launching a bunch of tutorial apps I've gone through a few too many times.

Is this an issue that is common, and is there anything I could do to fix it (or better yet, someone could inform me I've been looking in the wrong place for this option and the whole issue would be gone)