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No option to turn on phone notifications

Level 3

So i opened my Quest app on my phone a few days ago and it greeted me with the 'get started' button to turn on phone notifications. I clicked it, it goes to my devices tab, connects successfully to my quest, but in the list of options it shows, there is no option for phone notifications.  I have tried getting help from Oculus support which of course has gotten me nowhere.  Has anyone seen this or have any idea what is happening because the support person i have been working with doesn't have a clue.  She also stated I could go on the website and go into my settings there and do it, but I tried that and I don't see any options for phone notifications there either.  The only other thing that may somehow have something connected to it is i used notifivr from sidequest previously before this was available, however i have uninstalled it and restarted my oculus just in case and still I get nothing.