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No response for support tickets

Level 2

Hey Everyone!


So I have now submitted multiple support tickets to Oculus as I am having two problems that are now stopping me from actually using my Quest 2.


The first is the facial interface. I submitted a ticket about a month ago and received an email back saying I would be contacted in three business days with how to get this sorted out, and then I never heard anything back. I have followed this up with two emails of my own and still received nothing.


The second problem I am having is that for some reason, although my Oculus and Facebook accounts are linked, I am not able to have access to the new features that were rolled out in V25, so no messenger and no party system for example.


All I really want is some help to fix these issues, and an actual response from Oculus Support!


Can anyone help or offer some advice please? I am getting really desperate here.