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No response from support

Level 3

It's been two weeks now since opening a ticket for a quest 2 controller issue. Started with the chat option which was then transferred to email where I was asked to provide my serial numbers, proof of purchase etc. Since then there has been no response after asking multiple times for an update. Tried chatting again and the agent said there is a team working on it and to just wait but couldn't even give me a ballpark on how long. Is this normal? I've never waited this long with a warranty issue for any product. Can anyone at oculus support give me an idea of what exactly I'm waiting for?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh no! We would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has cause for you.


We wanted to reach out to you as reassurance, to let you know that we have confirmed that we do have an agent actively reviewing this ticket for you.


We definitely understand the concerns you have regarding the time frame, and this is not what we strive for.


We ask that you continue to provide us with your extended patience and understanding as we work together to resolve this matter.

Thank you. I got a reply to my email just now as well. Hopefully we can get this sorted out quickly.

Of course! We are excited to hear that you have received a response. 


Please know should you have any other concerns, questions or feedback please be sure to reach out to us and we will always do our best to assist you.

Also hi oculus please respond to my support ticket as soon as possible.