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Oclus non delivery

Level 3

Hello, I got an oculus it was damaged I called the company they had me send it back after troubleshooting back at the end of November 2021. Since then they keep telling me they’re sending me a replacement and it’s been two months now and nothing has come. Every time I reach out they say they’re sending it in 48 hours and they sent nothing. Does anyone have a phone number I can call them or a way that you were able to get a replacement device


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I'm having the same issue, I sent both of my controllers to Oculus support because of problems with the thumb sticks. They replaced the right controller within a few weeks or so, but no left controller. When I email to ask them about it they do reply, but just say they are experiencing delays due to product availability or something like that each time and don't give me any more information than that. It's been about two to three months now, I wish they would have told me they had product availability delays before I send them in, I would have just kept on spraying the thumbstick with that electronic cleaner every time I play.