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Oculus 2 Update Issues (sorted)

Level 4

I have had this Oculus 2 for less than a year.
I just had to do my second factory reset in that time due to an update dropping me to the black screen of death,

I have no pirated software, no custom mods, no "hacks" of any kind.

While I appreciate that these things happen surely there is a better way.  Not sure how many updates I have had to install since purchase but 2 resets in under a year is a pretty abysmal success rate.

Can you imagine if you had to reset Windows every 6 months, on every PC everywhere because MS pushed a patch that caused an irreversible BSoD? 

PLEASE make this update process better.  At least build in an auto-rollback feature when updates fail, or something.
I also suggested on another post that we be able to monitor update status from our phone or PC apps.  Since we HAVE to have those anyway perhaps these can be used to facilitate rolling back failed updates?