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Oculus Desktop App Grey Screen

Level 2

I am kind of tired of messaging Oculus Support who still haven't given me an actual solution for this problem, so I just wanna try my luck here. My problem is that, whenever I try to start up the Oculus Desktop App, it just shows me a windowed grey screen. I can literally do nothing but close out of it. This is really really frustrating because everything I tried to do to fix it hasn't worked so far, and all that Oculus Support has told me is to "Check my link cable" and "Your specs aren't compatible" (Which, they should be?). So, not very helpful.

I saw another person on this forum post a patch that's apparently supposed to fix this, however, while that patch does let me go to a log in screen, after that it just keeps telling me that the connection to the servers failed. 
I really just wanna play funny VR Games on my PC, please help ๐Ÿ˜ž