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Oculus Facebook

Level 2

Facebook is a piece of CRAP. Total Dumpster fire with OCULUS. 

I SPENT hard CASH and there is no support inside FACEBOOK to setup new Device. 

I'm looking at passcode to setup a new OCULU2 $500.00 Paper weight. 

Oclus errors say I'm linked to Facebook. You Go to that ANTIFA Dumpster Fire. And there's no place to activate Oculus. 

So, Uninstalled App. Reinstalled it. It automatically links to FACEBOOK locking out ability to enter passcode for new device. 

I tried to get app to recognize standalone setup. 

Waste of time severing Facebook dirty fingers off my new hardware. And it remains in Box Until somehow there's way to Kill Zucker software so that install setup can complete by entering passcode in a standalone setup. 



Level 4

Not sure if this will help, but ....


Sign on to Oculus.  Go to support.  Click on contact us.  Click on submit a support ticket.  Then select chat with us.   You can get a copy of your chat.  It is way more immediate that email ping pong.  One of the few issues that they were able to resolve for me was the problem with Facebook.