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Oculus Go black screen white Dots

Level 2
What do I do when the Oculus Go screen goes to black with white dots?  So far it’s happened a lot and we can only turn it off and turn it back on to stop it.  

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Try holding the power button and down volume for 15 or so seconds then look in the headset for some choices.
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Level 2
the same thing happens me turning it off then on doesn't help how do you stop it from happening why is it happening

Level 4
I've started getting the same thing in the past few weeks. Waking from
sleep, I see a black screen with a pattern of alternating white dots and
x's, with no head tracking. Doesn't respond to controller or any HMD
buttons. The only solution I've found is holding the power button until
it shuts off - it doesn't even do the shut down process, indicating the
system must be fully and completely crashed. If anyone knows what causes
it, or even if Oculus has acknowledged they are aware of the issue, I'd
like to know!

Level 2
Same issue. Hard reboot fixes it, but I've got these in a classroom and after 30 seconds you lose a kid. Has anyone figured out what causes it? Sometimes I think it's when content is loading and I set it down face-down. Maybe if I set it down on its side... ? 

Level 2
The same thing happens to me. And we have several headsets at our company. A complete reset works, but that is a massive waste of time and resources. I do wish Oculus would respond to this thread.

Level 3
We submitted a support ticket for this, too.   We also get the same gray plus and minus screen with + and - and dots and the headset freezes after awakening. It seems to be the Oculus screen behind the "enter VR" screen that's frozen?  We submitted a support ticket on this but were told to return our headsets. We did but it keeps happening with the new ones. We've tried different wifi networks. Logging in with different accounts, making sure the account is only logged into one headset. We'd appreciate any insight on how to fix this? Thanks! 

Level 3

For me the problem is solved! It was the new silicon mask/face eye, I put on and that obscured the « presence detector » that turned off the screen thinking I wasn’t wearing it.