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Oculus LInk Quest Microphone echo

Level 2

Since a week i was able to use the Oculus Link with a good cable for this.
But i also realised something, The microphone get the sound of the headphone of the Quest.
So when i get a sound/voice/music anything. Everybody in voice with me can hear this also.
This result if i got voice with other people they got an echo from themselves and the game.
Sure it's not real problem for solo games when you are alone.
But when i play RecRoom or any games with voice this get really boring for them.
The Oculus Quest didn't get any echo problem when used as standalone.
But with the Oculus Link, this problem can't be solved by common people.

Please Oculus can you do Something about that ?

Level 2
No answer from my post.
So i'll send a audio record of the microphone, The app was Oculus Dreamdeck with French Language.

Audio settings was
Headset headphones : 67%
Microphone input : 100%
No tweak just raw input from my audio record. and on all apps using this input (Discord/TeamSpeak/Mumble/Skype Anything) Will get the same echo from my record.