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Oculus Link Cable not working correctly...HELP

Level 3

I've tried everything. Updated RTX3070 drivers, windows drivers, support.

New PC, it was working fine earlier. now ..nothing but 3 dots and all i get is "Oculus headset is not working correctly"

I have all green lights in my Oculus app /devices. Oculus Link Cable.

Repaired Oculus app.

Updated windows.

Updated Nvidia drivers.

I'm getting very frustrated!

OMEN 15 Laptop, Intel i7, RTX3070.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey ragan.murphy! Thanks for troubleshooting your Link issues so far. Let's work together to get Link up and running again. If you haven't already, visit Oculus Support HERE and send us a ticket with the info you've provided here. We're here to help. Thanks!