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Oculus Link - Hogs up VRAM?

Level 4
I just got a new GPU (RTX 3080) and after bumping up the resolution in Oculus Link I noticed the fans ramping up. Checked the GPU monitor and almost 6GB of VRAM was in use. In standby, it eventually dropped down to a bit over 3GB of VRAM. 

Tried to check if the Oculus software releases the VRAM as needed. Maxed out the resolution and ran Assetto Corsa. The game was clearly VRAM limited, pushing 90fps at times just to drop down to 40-50fps when VRAM runs out.

Checked task manager, and OVRServer hogs up 40% of VRAM. That's insane.

Is this how the Link software is supposed to work? I mean, at high resolution the games are essentially limited to 6/10GB VRAM.


Level 11
Vr is intensive any way.  Your pushing 4k resolution with close to 5k render resolution to account for barrel distortion.

Level 3
That is why VR games need DLSS really really bad. We could get much better performance and quality with much less load on the GPU.

Level 4
What do you mean, any way? I know we're talking high resolution here, which is why I question the use of 40% of VRAM for OVRServer.