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Oculus Link issues

Level 3

Oculus link appears to only work currently with developer mode off and deny access to files on the headset when signing in. Then oculus link option appears in the headset. When i accept access to files oculus link option does not appear and I get a driver issue (composite usb error) usb 2.0.


Sidequest currently cannot detect the headset and there are wierd glitching issues on steamvr and a few oculus games causing me to be kicked off the game and back into the link mode.


What the heck is going on?



Level 3

To note:


The developers are aware and have ghosted me.

I have attempted BIOS updates, driver installs and fresh windows 10 install with no luck.

Reached out to mobo manufacturer Z590 ASRock and they looked into it and mentioned a device/driver issue that is out of their control.


I literally bought the $100 cable to avoid these issues.