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Oculus Link not working anymore

Level 2

Hello everybody,

I am using link via a 3rd party link cable, so far i had no problems using it. My bandtwith was 1,3Gbps and now since i got version 27 on my quest it got down to 623Mbps and link wont work anymore. I tried all my USB 3 ports i got on my pc. I also updated every driver.

Anyone else having the same issue? Pls Help ๐Ÿ˜ž



Level 2

It sounds like the Oculus update caused the issue. Go through your settings and see if there were any significant changes. It is most likely a software/update issue I would think. Also posting your system specs such as processor, Mobo, and gpu may help. 

I doubt a cable magically faulted right when an update was done. That being said, theres a small chance the cable faulted. I have heard reverseing cables can fix detection issues, but I dont think it is a fix for slow speeds.