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Level 2

So i recently bought a pc and i had the thought of playing my quest 2 games on the pc with better graphics. I have the link cable and everything. I had bought onward, beatsaber, superhot, and job simulator. I had bought all these games before i had gotten a pc. I watched youtube videos on how to link quest to pc and all of that went well, but i have a problem with getting my games. When i linked my headset to my pc with a cable none of my games show up there. I really dont want to rebuy all those games, is there something im missing? Lots of people said that i just need to search the game on pc oculus app and it should say the game is free. i checked every single game and all of them require me to buy them again. I can still play these games without linking my headset to my PC but i want to play them with my PC to have better graphics especially in onward. If anyone has a clue please let me know i really dont want to re-buy all these games since i cannot afford to do that. 


Level 4

Make sure you login the same account

im logged in with the same account 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! When you connect your Quest to your PC via Link, you're granted access to the Rift Library and Rift Store. During this time, your Quest games will not be available to play, unless that title is cross-compatible (and in this case, you'll need to re-install it from the Rift Store). Please keep in mind that whether or not a game is cross-compatible is something that we leave up to the developers to decide and that not all titles are eligible and may need to be purchased again through the Rift store in order to be played with Link.