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Oculus Move is broken after update

Level 3

Oculus move is broken after the update Oculus knew about it 3 days ago and continues to roll it out and did the same thing they did with v37 update. Sending out a update that you know causes issues so sever the headset becomes unusable is not only reckless it malicious. I want to remind Oculus you are not a indy company anymore your a well funded major player in the console market and stupid amateur hour stuff like forcing a update you know is broken won't keep you a major player for long.


Level 2

Same issue here. Move is broken after update today. 

Hello! We understand your frustrations with the Oculus Move app not functioning properly. We want to assure you that our team is working on correcting this issue for everyone. We hope to have the fix for you all soon. 🙏

Level 3

The same thing happened to our Oculus Quest 2. The update began Saturday, and I have not been able to get past the logo screen since. What a way to throw $400 plus down the toilet. 

So how are you going to fix a headset that cannot connect to anything to work, or even get past the logo screen. Barely a month old, and we have gotten no help. My son has been dealing with a customer service guy for over 3 days now to email is a label to send this piece of junk back to you, for a brand new one. I’m so confused 

Level 4

Even the new update doesn't correct this problem.

Level 2

It's functional for me... just not for the one thing I use it. to track per app... everything is getting tracked as other apps... it's quite annoying. 

Level 3

What do you guys mean by "it's broken" ? In my case I'm trying to use Oculus Move for the first time and the only thing I see on my screen is a button that says "log in with facebook". I press that button and then it says to continue on my phone to log in. I click on the notification to log in on my phone and then it just takes me to a settings page to enable "log in with facebook" but it's already enabled so I dont know what to do.

I thought of disabling and re-enabling "log in with facebook" on the phone app but when I try to disable it it just says "something went wrong" and fails to disable.

Level 4

@GJ24 you should open your own ticket as this is an old post talking about Oculus Move when Quest 2 updated to V37. I believe that we are now at V38.