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Oculus Quest 2 Airlink Problems

Level 2

Unfortunately, when I connect the device to the computer, I cannot get the sound from the computer. Also, once my connection to the computer is lost, I have to restart the computer to reconnect.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we're glad you posted because we can't have you experiencing audio issues like this! We need you in peak gaming condition, so let's get to the bottom of this and get you back in the VR world as soon as possible!



Let's start off by re-pairing Air link in this order:

  • On the PC
    1. Navigate to the Settings section of the Oculus Home app
    2. Locate the "Beta" settings, and ensure that Air Link is switched off
  • In Quest 2
    1. Navigate to the Settings menu, and select "Experimental Features"
    2. Ensure "Air Link" is disabled/toggled off

Next, restart both devices and re-pair the Quest 2 to your PC.


Now, we also noticed you're having some connection issues that cause you to restart your computer often in order to reconnect. If those steps above don't improve that issue, please let us know and we'll try out some more things together.

Level 2

First of all, there is no air link is switched off feature in the beta section of the oculus home app.
Anyway, I reinstalled the oculus home app application, as you said, I tried turning it off and on from the quest 2 application constantly, I tried everything, it was not solved again.

Picture 1 :


The green indicator on the Oculus headset, which indicates that the sound is getting higher and lower, remains constant in this way, and there is no change.
This green indicator is steady even if there is no sound on my computer

Picture 2 :



Some features of the Oculus platform may be temporarily unavailable.
If the problem persists, please visit oculus support.

This is how I get notifications.

Picture 3:
When there is no connection problem :


When there is a connection problem :


The change in ports caught my attention, I just restarted the server software without restarting the computer.
Sometimes even the port does not open at all

I think this is the problem that needs to be fixed first because it is annoying to have to restart the computer for connection